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Northrop A-17



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Northrop A-17


The Northrop A-17, was a development of the Northrop Gamma 2F was a two-seat, single-engine, monoplane, attack bomber built in 1935 by the Northrop Corporation for the U.S. Army Air Corps. A-17s used by air forces of the British Commonwealth designated the aircraft as the "Nomad."


Although none of the US operated aircraft were involved in combat, a large number of machines served in a vital role as trainer for commonwealth pilots during World War Two. The export variant Douglas 8A did fire its guns in anger during air combat in the Netherlands and Iraq, and Peruvian aircraft distinguished themselves during a border conflict with Ecuador in 1941 and again in 1948, when rebellion and civil war threatened the country. Last flights were made as late as 1958, thus ending an era of almost 25 years of continuous service with air forces all over the globe.


This book offers an overview of an iconic aeroplane. The authors, all specialists in their field, have compiled a comprehensive story and gathered more than 350 photographs, colour profiles and maps, thus offering a fascinating view at an aircraft type linking the ‘Golden Age of aviation’ days with the dark years of World War Two.